Import Forms

In this step you import forms for product drilldown reporting from the source client into all clients in which you work. These forms are part of reports and determine the row and column structure of reports.

If you specify that dependent objects should be included when you transport the reports, the standard forms are included in the import of the standard reports from the source client.

See also Import reports.


Import all standard forms if you have imported the standard reports without dependent objects.

If you have imported the standard reports with dependent objects, or if you wish to do this afterwards, import only the form 7GLOBALVARIS (global variables).

This form must be imported into your client before you can use the standard reports!


1. Enter the source client and choose EXECUTE.
2. A selection list appears in which you can select the relevant forms. Choose EXECUTE or EXECUTE IN BACKGROUND. A dialog box appears in which you can select dependent objects. You should select all entries here so that all required components of the forms are imported.


If you have defined your own form reports for product drilldown reporting, you do not need to import these forms if you include dependent objects when you import the reports from the target client.