Define Reports

In this step you can create your own reports for product drilldown reports if the reports provided in the standard system do not meet your requirements.


If you don't want to use the standard form for your report, you must first create your own form.

See the step Create forms.


The standard system contains a number of predefined reports.

Use the reports provided in the standard system as templates for defining your own reports. Copy the standard report under a different name, and modify the copy as needed.


Check the existing reports to see if they meet your requirements. Create new reports if necessary.


1. Choose the desired form to which the report should refer.
2. If the form contains variables, when you define the report you can specify default values for the variables and indicate whether the variables should be offered as a default when the report is executed.
3. Choose characteristics for which you want to analyze the values in the report.
4. Limit the characteristics offered by specifying a particular characteristic value for which you later want to analyze data.

Special functions are also available, such as defining the drilldown list, maintaining the report comments, sendign reports, and so forth. For more information, see the documentation Drilldown Reporting under the cross-application components.

Further notes

The reports are transported or imported from the source client in the following steps: