Check Order Types for Production Cost Collectors

In this step, you verify the control parameters for the order types . The order type is client-dependent, so each order type can be used in all controlling areas and plants.

The following parameters are important with regard to the production cost collector of a run schedule header:

Production cost collectors have the
order category "05".
The order categories are predefined in the SAP system and characterize the technical characteristics of the orders. For example, an order category establishes which transactions can be used to process with the order in question.
This determines whether information on the partner is retained when dealing with allocations between orders and other CO-objects (such as cost centers or projects), and whether a record should be written.
You can specify that orders of this order type are classified. This is, for example, a requirement for order selection and order summarization in the information system.
You can also classify the orders later, after they have been created.
For each order category, you must specify whether you want to use commitments management.
In thesettlement profile, you specify the objects on which orders of this category may be settled. You can also assign a settlement profile to an order type at a later time.
You can define field attributes to specify that an order's fields are display or input fields, or to hide them. For further information, see the Implementation Guide for overhead cost orders.
Here you can define the length of time that finished orders will remain in the system before they are archived.
You must assign each order type to a number range.


1. Check whether the order types provided in the standard system meet your requirements.
2. Where applicable, contact the repetitive manufacturing project team, so that new order types may be defined jointly.