Define Selection Screens for Order List

In this step you define the selection screens or additional selections for the selection of classified orders.

In the information system, you can select orders you want to analyze through the characteristics of classification. The definition of a selection screen determines which characteristics are offered as selection criteria, and the sequence in which they appear on the screen. The definition of additional selections allows you to further limit the selection.


For information on the requirements for using the classification system with orders, see Order hierarchy and selection.


Define a selection screen for the following:

This selection screen is displayed when you access the report ORDER SELECTION in the information system for the Product Cost by Period, Product Cost by Order, or Costs for Intangible Goods and Services in the node OBJECT LIST.
This selection screen is displayed in the information system for Product Cost by Sales Order in the node Object List and you choose the report ORDER SELECTION WITH SALES-ORDER-RELATED PRODUCTION.

Creating a selection screen:

1. Process the step Application-Specific Selection.
2. Enter a designation for the selection screen.
3. Choose "Assign characteristics". A list is displayed with all available characteristics. Select the desired characteristics and assign a number to determine the desired sequence in which you want the characteristics to appear on the screen. You end the selection of characteristics with "Confirm".
4. Save your entries.
5. The selection screen you defined appears when the reports are accessed for order selection.

Creating additional selections:

1. Process the screen section "Additional selections".
2. Choose "New selection screen".
3. The procedure is similar to creating a selection screen.
4. The additional selections you define are offered when you call up the reports for order selection when you click on the arrow after the line "Additional selections".

Standard settings

The standard system contains predefined selection screens.