Define Variance Keys

Variances are only calculated for a cost object hierarchy if a variance key is entered in each cost object ID in the hierarchy.

In this step you define the following:

The cost object category determines whether variances can be calculated for a cost object hierarchy and how the system handles the objects assigned to this hierarchy.

The variances are calculated by period for each hierarchy node and can be settled to Profitability Analysis.


You must already have checked the entries in the cost object category:

Standard settings

The standard system contains a number of predefined variance keys for cost object hierarchies that you can use without further changes.


Check whether the existing variance keys meet your requirements. If you require your own variance keys, proceed as follows:

1. Choose New entries and enter a number and a name for the new variance key.
2. Specify whether scrap should be calculated separately.
3. Specify whether a document should be written with information on variance calculation.
4. Save the variance key.