Results Analysis

In this section you define the parameters that control the following:

If you are not using the SD (Sales and Distribution) system, you can collect costs and revenues on an internal order that is valuated by results analysis.

If you are using the project system, you can collect costs and revenues on the project.

Results analysis allows you to do the following:

If the actual costs of the period are higher than the cost of sales, the system creates work in process in the amount of the difference.

The data is updated on the order under secondary cost elements of cost element category "31" and can be displayed in the information system at any time.

If the order is settled at the end of the period, postings are generated in Financial Accounting on the basis of posting rules that you define in Customizing. If you are using Profit Center Accounting (CO-PCA) data are passed to CO-PCA on the basis of the postings in Financial Accounting.

If you carried out results analysis, you can only settle results analysis data. You can also transfer results analysis data to Profitability Analysis when you settle. To do this, you must enter a PA transfer structure in the settlement rule that contains the cost elements under which this information was updated on the order.

Results analysis can be carried out with different methods depending on the available data and how you want to track the progress of the undertaking.

To carry out results analysis, define the following:

The results analysis key specifies that the order is selected for results analysis.
If you are operating in different countries or want to carry out results analysis for different business purposes, you can define multiple results analysis versions. You can then carry out results analysis using the different versions.
The results analysis data is updated to the objects by version and can be analyzed in the information system.
In the valuation methods, you select such things as the results analysis method.
You assign the cost elements under which the results analysis object is debited and credited to line IDs and specify how the work in process should be capitalized.
You assign the results analysis cost elements to G/L accounts in Financial Accounting.

Additional Information

Before you define new results analysis parameters, you should read the following sections:

For detailed information on results analysis, see the documentation Controlling -> Cost Object Controlling -> Product Cost by Sales Order -> Period-End Closing