Define Update

In this step you specify the results analysis cost elements under which the results analysis data (WIP, reserves) are written to the production cost collector for each line IDs , and assign each line ID to a category.

The line IDs sort the planned costs for the material to be produced into groups such as

These groups should be oriented to the structure of the cost of goods manufactured in the cost component structure . They are used to determine what portion of the WIP created for these costs can be activated. (See Maintain cost component layout and Define cost components)

The category flags the cost elements under which costs are updated in the cost estimate used to valuate the work in process as relevant or or not relevant to WIP calculation.

The system updates the values to the production cost collector under the cost elements that you specify here. For the specified cost elements you may have to do the following:


You must already have processed the following steps:

Standard settings

If you are using a results analysis version from the standard system, you only have to enter results analysis cost elements for the data to be calculated.


1. Specify the following:
If you specified in the results analysis version that you want the update to take place without reference to the results analysis key, the entry is blank.
2. Enter the following data for each line ID: