Define Number Ranges for Variance Documents

When variances are calculated, the following business transactions are carried out:

KAUS Calcualte scrap
KPIV Distribute actual costs for cost object
KSOP Calculate primary target costs
KSOS Calculate secondary target costs
KVAR Calculate variances

When these business transactions are carried out, CO documents are created containing the target costs, variances, scrap , and distributed actual costs. Numbers are assigned for these documents.

You have to maintain number ranges to limit value areas for the numbers assigned or to categorize documents according to certain criteria.



If controlling areas have the indicator "*", they are not fully maintained.


1. Create number range groups according to your own criteria.
2. Enter internal and external document number intervals in the number range groups. When you do this, take note of the existing document number ranges.
3. Assign the above business transactions to your number range groups.

Further notes

You transport number range objects as follows:

In the initial screen, choose "Interval - Transport".

Note that all intervals for the selected number range object are deleted in the target system first. After the import, only the intervals you export are present. The number statuses are imported with their values at the time of export.

Dependent tables are not transported or converted.