Maintain Cost Component Group for Report Writer

By defining your own cost component groups, you can adapt the row structure of your reports for Product Cost Planning to your particular requirements.

The results of the cost estimate for a material are updated in the form of cost components (this is called a cost component split ). To be able to see the values for each cost component in the information system, the cost components must be grouped into cost component groups . The report shows a separate row for each cost component and each node in the cost component group. For each node, the values of the cost components contained in that node are added up.

The cost component group is therefore a copy of the cost component structure and should contain all cost components in the cost component structure. You can also define alternative cost component groups that do not contain all the cost components. However, note that the cost components for which costs have been planned but that are not in the cost component group will not be shown in the report. This may cause confusion in some cases.

Standard Settings

The standard system contains the cost component group 7-R-ELEMT-AL which is already contained in the group list (see the step Maintain Report Parameters for Product Cost Planning). If you use this cost component group, the rows of your reports will show all cost components and a sum of all rows.


a) Assign a name to the cost component group. Use an easily identifiable name because it will be displayed in the report.
b) Assign single values to the node (= cost components) or subnode if you want to create a hierarchy across multiple levels. You must assign single values to the node at the lowest level of the hierarchy.