Define Credits

Cost allocation is part of the process of determining overhead . If this leads to an object being debited with actual costs, another object must be credited at the same time. This can be either a cost center or an order . Such postings are recorded under a secondary cost element of cost element category 41 in the SAP System.

In the credit, you also define what percentage of the overhead is allocated as fixed costs. If you enter "*", the fixed portion of the costs is determined via the specification in the relevant calculation base.


To define a credit, proceed as follows:

1. Choose "Create" to create a new credit.
2. Enter a three-character key and a name for the new credit.
3. Select the row and choose "Detail".
You have the option of entering credit definitions which contain the following stipulations:
The overhead cost element must have cost element type 41.
You must specify an origin group if you want to see both the overhead cost element and the origin of the overhead in cost accounting
You can enter either a cost center or an order as the credit object, but not both at the same time.
4. Save your input.