Assign Messages

Here you assign system messages that belong together to the same area of responsibility. When you display a log in the application, you can sort the messages by area of responsibility.

You can assign the system messages to two other groups that you can define as required, and sort the log according to these groups. With this assignment you can, for example, define how urgently the error needs to be corrected.

For the Product Cost by Order component, you can assign messages from the work areas KJ (WIP calculation) and KV (variance calculation) to areas of responsibility.


To assign messages to an area of responsibility:

1. Choose New entries.
2. Enter the work area. Press F4 and select a message number.
This identifies the displayed message from the log.
3. Assign the message to the appropriate area of responsibility.
4. If you want to define further sorting criteria, enter an appropriate key as the group term.