Define Update

For each line ID , you specify the results analysis cost element under which the work in process and (under some circumstances) the reserves for unrealized costs are updated, and assign each line ID to a category.

There are two different methods:

Valuation Using Actual Costs

The line IDs put the costs incurred for an order into the following groups:

The category indicates whether the cost elements under which the different postings are made are debits or credits for WIP calculation.

The system creates work in process for each debit posting that is updated under one of these cost elements. These values are updated under the results analysis cost elements (cost element category 31) that you specify under Define update.

Valuation Using Target Costs

The line IDs assign the costs incurred for the material to be produced to specific groups such as:

These groups should be based on the structure for the cost of goods manufactured in the cost component layout (see Maintain cost component layout and Define cost components).

This category indicates whether the cost elements under which the costs are written in the standard cost estimate are relevant to WIP calculation.

The apportioned values are updated to the order under the cost elements that you specify here. For the specified cost elements you may have to

Transfer Prices

In the Product Cost by Order component, if you are using multiple valuation views for the calculation of work in process at actual costs, the entries for the referenced operational results analysis version are transferred to the referencing results analysis version of the multiple valuation views when you save your entries.


Standard settings

If you use a results analysis version that is in the standard system, you only have to enter the results analysis cost elements for the data to be calculated.


1. Enter the following:
If you defined, in the results analysis version, that the update is to be carried out without reference to the results analysis key, the entry is blank.
2. Enter the following data for each line ID: