Create Settlement Cost Elements

In this step, you define:

Settlement to receivers in external accounting can take place in Asset Management, Inventory Management within Materials Management or in the G/L account in financial accounting.
Primary cost elements correspond to the G/L account in financial accounting.
When you want to settle to cost elements, you do not require any primary cost elements for settlement.

To define a greater number of cost elements, you also have the possibility in the Implementation Guide for Cost and Revenue Element Accounting to create Automatic_Creation_of_ Primary_and_Secondary_Cost_Elements.

For a successful settlement you should define the following cost elements:

These cost elements must be presented in cost element groups.
You require one cost element group for each settlement assignment. When necessary you can create new cost element groups by editing the source in the settlement structure.
Every settlement cost element must belong to one of the following categories:


If the corresponding G/L account does not yet exist, you must first enter this in financial accounting.

Note on transport

The "Controlling: General" IMG includes a function for cost element transport.