Choose and Generate Characteristics

Here you check a list of all characteristics that refer to fields in the order (such as the order type, plant, or material).

The term "object characteristics" is used for these characteristics. This differentiates between object characteristics and the user-defined characteristics that you can create in classification according to your own particular requirements.

Here you select the object characteristics that you want to use for order selection and order summarization, and generate the selected characteristics.

The generation process generates the class SAP_KKR_CLASS (objects: CO objects, class type: 013). The object characteristics stored centrally are added to this class and become available for order selection and summarization.

The object characteristics can be used to classify all orders whose order type allows classification.

When you create an order, the system carries out classification, updating a characteristic value for each object characteristic. Performance in order classification can be improved if you only update characteristic values for the characteristics that you later want to use in order selection.

If you want to use further object characteristics later, you can select these characteristics and start a recalculation run by calling up this step again and choosing Edit -> Recalculation run.


1. Choose the object characteristics that you want to use.
2. Generate the object characteristics.
3. Delete object characteristics if necessary.
4. Release the job for the revaluation run (System -> Services -> Jobs -> Job overview)

Further notes

The colors in the list show whether the characteristic has already been generated. There are the following possibilities:

This status is usually set when you have copied data from another client. You must generate this characteristic.
For these characteristics, characteristic values (such as the order number or the name of the user) are updated to the order. You can use this information to select and summarize the orders later.
For these characteristics, no characteristic values are updated to the order.
If you want to generate the characteristic values for these characteristics at a later time, you must generate the characteristics. If orders are already present in the class, a revaluation run is scheduled which you must release as a job. A revaluation run can also be scheduled with Edit -> Revaluation run .
When you generate the characteristics, the system schedules a revaluation run as a job. You have to start this job. In the revaluation run, characteristic values for the characteristic are updated in orders that are present in the system.
You have set the Delete characteristic indicator. This means that the system scheduled a revaluation run that will cancel all characteristic values for this characteristic. However, this job has not yet finished or still has to be started.
An error has occurred. You must generate the characteristic again. This assigns it to class SAP_KKR_CLASS.

Additional notes

Before you can summarize orders or select them through classification, you must activate classification for the order types you want to classify. To do this, you must process Define order types for production orders .


If you have already generated the characteristics for classification in the source client, a client copy achieves the following:

If you make changes in the source client later, the object characteristics in the target client are marked for generation using transport requests through the interface to the transport system.