Cost Estimate Without Quantity Structure

In this step you make the settings for cost estimates without quantity structure. You make these settings in a costing variant.

For cost estimates without quantity structure, you establish the settings for the valuation of the items that you enter in the cost estimate manually.


Costing type 01 is used to create a cost estimate for a material. This cost estimate can created either automatically from the data in the system ( cost estimate with quantity structure) or manually using the functions of unit costing ( cost estimate without quantity structure ).

Suppose you now want to perform a valuation in which the materials are valuated with the standard price and the internal activities are valuated with the planned activity price of the period from Cost Center Accounting. The date for the valuation should be the beginning of the next posting period.

To do this, create a valuation variant that valuates materials with the standard price and internal activities with the planned price of the period. Then create a date control ID that specifies that the valuation should be made at the valid prices at the beginning of the next posting period.

The Customizing settings are selected in the application through a costing variant. You create a costing variant for this purpose that specifies costing type 01 and your valuation variant. The cost estimate is carried out according to your settings and with reference to the costing variant.

Suppose you want to be able to transfer the results of the standard cost estimate to the material master record as the new standard price. To do this, carry out the following steps:

Standard settings

The standard system contains a number of predefined costing variants.


Decide which costing variants you want to use or define.