Check Requirements Types

In this IMG step, you change or define requirements types which identify the different requirements, such as sales order requirements, delivery requirements or individual customer requirements. The requirements types can be changed, for example, in order to represent customer-specific terms.

Together with the item category and the MRP type of the material, an allocation to the individual transactions in sales and distribution is carried out by means of the requirements type. requirements type . Every requirements type is allocated to a requirements class with its corresponding control features.

While a requirements type is allocated to a single requirements class, a requirements class can be allocated to several requirements types. As a result, it is possible to control different transactions in a uniform manner with regard to their technical procedure.


The requirements type is displayed in the sales document and can be changed there.


1. Check first whether the requirements types available in the standard version are sufficient for your demands.
2. If necessary, enter an alphanumeric key for a requirements type, which can have up to four characters, and a description.
3. Allocate a requirements class to the requirements type.