Check Valuation Variants for Run Schedule Headers

In this step you create a valuation variant . In repetitive manufacturing, the valuation variant determines what costing sheet is proposed for the calculation of overhead in the production cost collector.

If you have defined in the repetitive manufacturing profile that standard activities are to be posted at the time of the goods receipt or the entry of the reporting point quantity, then the valuation variant also determines what activity prices in Cost Center Accounting are used to valuate the quantity structure in the current standard cost estimate of the material produced. This valuation leads to an internal activity allocation.

You define valuation strategies for the internal activities. You define the sequence in which the system looks for prices in activity type planning in Cost Center Accounting to valuate the internal activities.

You also specify what plan version in Cost Center Accounting is used. Starting with Release 3.0 you can also valuate the internal activities with the actual activity prices in Cost Center Accounting. Starting with Release 4.0 you can revaluate the activities at actual activity prices during period-end closing.

To be able to use the valuation variant, you must assign it to a costing variant.

Standard Settings


1. Enter an alphanumeric key and a name for the new valuation variant.
2. Define a valuation strategy for internal activities by entering up to three values as the search sequence and assigning an appropriate plan version in Cost Center Accounting to this valuation variant.
3. Specify a costing sheet for the calculation of overhead.
4. Assign the valuation variant to a costing variant.


If you don't want to use the same valuation strategy or overhead rate in all the plants in a company code, you can define plant-dependent valuation variants by assigning valuation variants to particular plants. If you don't do this, the valuation variants will apply to all of your plants.