Assign Item Categories

In this menu option, you can specify which item categories the system proposes during document processing for each sales document type and item category group. At the same time, you can specify additional item categories with which the system default can be overwritten. There is a maximum of three possible alternative item categories.

If, for example, you enter a material with the item category group NORM in a standard order, the SAP System determines the allowed item category via the assignment of item categories to sales document types and item category groups.

The system default and the allowed alternatives are always determined from the sales document type and one or two further criteria. The system default depends on the following criteria:


The SAP System automatically copies the item category determined for a sales document item to the delivery.


Depending on the initial situation you can start the assignment differently:


To define item category determination, proceed, for example, as follows:

1. Choose the sales document type to which you want to assign item categories.
2. Then choose one of the item category groups.
3. Specify all the allowed item categories for the combination of sales document type and item category group.
If you are dealing with a non-material item, you must specify the corresponding item usage.
If it is a subitem, specify the item category of the higher-level item.
If it is an item category that is to be proposed in the sales document, you must indicate the combination of item category, item category group and sales document type as a default value.
4. If necessary, specify between one and a maximum of three item categories, with which the system default can be manually overwritten during document processing.