Define Date Control

In product costing, date control is involved in creating the quantity structure and the value structure on the basis of various dates. These dates determine the following:

These dates do not play any role in sales order costing.
The date on which the routings and BOMs are read from the database
The date on which prics for materials, internal activities and external activities are determined

The date control ID determines the following:

Standard settings

The standard system contains predefined date control IDs that you can use without making any changes.


Check the supplied date control IDs to see if they meet your requirements.

To create new date control IDs:

1. Choose New entries.
2. Enter an alphanumerical key as the date control ID.
3. Enter a text for the date control ID.
4. Specify whether the costing date (enter key date) can be changed by the user.
5. Specify the default costing date.
6. Specify whether the "To" date can be changed by the user.
7. Specify the default "To" date.
8. Specify whether the quantity structure date can be specified by the user.
9. Specify the default quantity structure date.
10. Specify whether the valuation date can be changed by the user.
11. Specify the default valuation date.