Check Costing Variants for Unit Costing

A costing variant contains the control parameters for the calculation of the planned costs for a sales document item. In unit costing, you can calculate the planned costs for the following sales documents:

From the sales document item, you go into costing and list the materials, internal activities, and external activities that are required for production of the material ordered.

This quantity structure is valuated using the parameters in the costing variant to calculate the planned costs for each sales document item. The costing variant controls what prices are used to valuate the materials and internal activities.

If you specified that the costing results are to be assigned to cost elements, all costing items are assigned to cost elements and written to the sales order item in this form. This is not the case with inquiries and quotations.

The costing results are transferrerd to the sales document as a condition value and can be used for pricing in the Sales and Distribution module.

The costing variant forms the link between the application and Customizing, since all cost estimates are carried out and saved with reference to a costing variant.


If you want to use your own parameters, you must carry out the following steps:

Standard settings

The standard system contains the predefined costing variant PCO4. This costing variant is linked to the following parameters:


You should assign a different valuation variant to each costing variant with which you intend to save cost estimates.

This one-to-one assignment enables you to change the valuation strategies later as required.


1. Decide whether the costing variant provided in the standard system meets your requirements.
2. To create another costing variant:
a) Enter an alphanumerical key and a name for the costing variant.
b) Assign a costing type and a valuation variant to the costing variant.
If you want to use your own parameters, you must carry out the step Define valuation variants for unit costing .
c) Assign the costing variant to the relevant requirements class by carrying out the step Check requirements classes.

Further notes

The costing sheet for overhead calculation is proposed through the requirements class.