Define Partner Versions

If you want to use group costing for materials, for example, you can define partner versions in this step.

In group costing you can create

cost component splits that show the value added for each manufacturing level. This provides you with information such as which partners provided which resources. Partners can be represented by the following organizational units:

If you only want to show the resources provided by one partner directly to another, you can definedirect partners on the basis of the same organizational units. In this case the value added of the previous partners goes into the cost component split of the direct partners.

You can define the partner version using any combination of organizational units, both for partners and direct partners. The system creates a cost component split for each organizational unit that you choose.

The partner version is determined during costing through the costing type.



If you want to set up group costing in which you work with delta profits, you must define this in the cost component view:
Define cost components

If there are supply relationships between plants and company codes in your organization, check the following settings:
Check special procurement types

If you choose business areas, check the following settings:
Check settings for business area balance sheet

If you choose profit center, check the following settings:
Check settings for controlling area

Standard settings

There are no partner versions defined in the standard system.


1. Choose New entries
2. Enter a partner version and a name.
3. Choose the organizational units for the partner or direct partner.
4. Save the table.
5. Assign the partner version to a costing type:
Define costing types

Further notes

The settings for transfer prices are in Customizing for Enterprise Controlling under Profit Center Accounting .

The settings for multiple valuation are in Customizing for Controlling General.

For more information on transfer prices, see the R/3 Library under Controlling -> Enterprise Controlling -> EC Profit Center Accounting.

For more information on group costing and reference costing, see the R/3 Library under Controlling -> Product Cost Controlling -> Product Cost Planning.