Define User Exits for Resource-Related Billing

In this step, you activate user exits for resource-related billing

The following user exits (enhancements) are implemented for resource-related billing:

KSDIEX01 - Expense calculation during resource-related billing

In resource-related billing, individual expense items are created from the information on costs. Here, a determination which is stored in the standard system is made of the service numbers under which the individual items are displayed in the billing document.

The following functions can be implemented with this enhancement:

Enhancement KSDIEX01 contains the following components:

Please refer to the system documentation or the online documentation on transaction CMOD (Project Management of SAP Enhancements, function exits) for more information on how to proceed in the case of enhancements.


Proceed as follows to activate the enhancements:

1. Call transaction CMOD.
2. Assign a description in field 'Project' for the activation of the selected enhancements.
3. Allocate the enhancements to the 'Project'.