Define Material Status

In this step, you define the material status as well as the characteristics of the individual material statuses.

The material status determines how a material is handled in different applications and in business operations (for example, purchasing, materials planning, usage in bills of material, and so on).

For each material, you can set a material status in the corresponding material master record. If a material has a material status, the system will issue either a warning or an error message (depending on which status you have chosen) if the material is used.


Material status assignment

You want to designate a material as a material to be discontinued. In the master record, you give the material a status whose parameters have the following settings:


Purchasing "B" = error message

MRP "A" = warning

Inventory Management " " = no message

If the material is used, this parameter assignment has the following effect:


1. Define your material statuses.
2. On the Details screen, define the characteristic of the individual material statuses. You do so by positioning the cursor on the corresponding line and pressing F2. The details screen for the respective line appears.


You can use a separate status management function in the Sales view on the material.

Example for Costing with Quantity Structure

Suppose you want to determine the costs for a product that contains a phantom assembly . The phantom assembly was created to group together materials that are flagged as bulk materials.

In the log for costing with quantity structure, a message appears for the phantom assembly stating that the cost estimate has a value of 0. This is correct, since no costs are carried for bulk materials. However, this message causes the cost estimate to receive the status "KF" (costed with errors). This status prevents the cost estimate of the phantom assembly and that of the higher-level material from being released.

To prevent this, set the status such that the assembly with the bulk materials is not costed. The message will then not appear in the log.