Check Settings for Formulas

Formula parameters are used in formulas for capacity planning, scheduling, costing, PRT management and determining standard values using CAPP.

A formula parameter is identifeied by a parameter ID. Every formula parameter is linked with a particualr field either in Customizing, the routing or the work center. When the formula is evaluated the parameter takes the value of the field.

Origin of Formula Parameters

The assignment of a formula parameter to a data field is defined in the origin . You can refer to the data field in the work center or the routing via the parameter-ID or the key word that is assigned to every formula parameter and is displayed next to the the data field in the routing or work center. Formula parameters can have the following origins:

Using the standard value key you provide the work center, and thus the routing, with up to six formula parameters that you assign values to in the routing operation.
In the work center you can assign up to six work center constants a value and an unit.
You can assign general formuula constants a value and an unit in Customizing formula parameters.
The formula parameter is assigned to a data field in the general operation data, for instance the lot size or the base quantity. In this case you have to explicitly enter the field name .
The formula parameter is assigned to an user-defined field in the operation. In this case the the assignment of the formula parameter is controlled by user-defined field key, that you define in Customizing the work center. The key words that describe the data fields are not defined in the formula parameters, but in the user-defined field key.
You assign the formula parameter to a field in the PRT alloaction, for instance the PRT quantity.
You assign the formula parameter a fixed value in the PRT master record.This formula parameter can only be used for PRT management.


You enter the meaning of the fields in the key words for work centers and routings and not in the field names.

Please note that this step is the prerequisite for the step Define rounding categories and additional values key in Customizing for CAPP standard value calculation.

If you want to use the parameters in formulas you should use descriptive parameter IDs.


1. Define your formula parameters.
2. Check the assignment of the formula parameters to the standard value keys.
3. Check the use of the formula parameters in formula definitions.