Define Cost Object Categories

Here you define the cost object categories for general cost objects and activity-based costing. You assign a object profile to each cost object category and specify whether the following functions are allowed for cost object IDs of this cost object category:

If you will be working with more than one currency in unit costing, you also have to specify an exchange rate type for each cost object category.

You also determine whether the values that were entered for the cost object ID refer to its entire life span or to a specific period.


If you want to define your own cost object profiles, you first need to process Cost object profiles (general).

Standard settings

The standard system contains predefined cost object categories.


1. Check whether the predefined cost object categories meet your requirements.
2. To create your own cost object category:
a) Select New entries.
b) Enter a key and a name for the cost object category.
c) Enter the cost object profile.
d) Set the indicators according to your requirements.

Further notes

If you want to use a cost object ID, you should also check to be sure that the Cost objects indicator is set for each fiscal year in the controlling area.

Maintain controlling area