Activate valuation areas for the material ledger

In this step you activate the

material ledger for one or more valuation areas.

If the material ledger is active for a particular valuation area, all materials in the valuation area are valuated using the material ledger.

Standard settings

In the standard system the material ledger is not activated for any valuation area.


If you activate the material ledger for a plant, you activate it for all the other plants in the company code.

Damage caused to data by errors

It is currently only possible to deactivate the material ledger if no material movement data exists in the valuation area.


You can transfer settings between system (for example, from a test client to a target client). If you wish to do this, the system must check the data existing there, to determine whether the material ledger can be activated. This check does not take place in Customizing. You have to trigger it in the application menu when you convert data for the material ledger as part of Production start-up .

If you want to activate the material ledger, proceed as follows:

1. Decide the valuation areas in which the material ledger is to be activated.
2. Set the Material ledger active indicator for the relevant valuation areas.
3. If you want detailed information on the results, also select the Explanation component indicator.
4. Save your entries.
5. If you use the parallel currency valuation functions, check that the settings are consistent in Customizing:
Check settings
6. Transport the settings to the target client.
7. Check the settings in the target client by choosing Accounting -> Controlling -> Actual costing/material ledger -> Utilities -> Check Customizing.
8. Convert the data in the target client for all active valuation areas by choosing Accounting -> Controlling -> Actual cost/material ledger -> Utilities -> Production startup.

Further notes

Further information on the material ledger and production startup, see Actual costing/material ledger.

In the global settings, check:

In Financial Accounting, check:

In Controlling check if the Different company code currency is selected for the controlling area

Check controlling area

In general logistics settings, check: