Maintain number ranges for material ledger documents

A material ledger document must be clearly identified in the system. This is achieved by saving each transaction in the material ledger under a unique number.

Standard settings

Groups exist for material ledger documents per transaction type in the standard setup.

Each group is assigned a number from a range of 100 000 000 numbers.


As a rule, it is not necessary to create new groups. If it is inevitable that new groups will be created out of organizational necessity, you should use the existing range of numbers for the new group of material ledger documents.


Check whether the number range is sufficient to meet your demands.

Further notes

Material ledger documents can be archived. You can find further information in the R/3 Library under CO Actual Costing/Material Ledger

Note for transport

You transport number range objects as follows:

In the initial screen, choose "Interval - Transport".

Note that all intervals for the selected number range object are deleted in the target system first. After the import, only the intervals you export are present. The number statuses are imported with their values at the time of export.

Dependent tables are not transported or converted.