Define Message Types for Standard Cost Estimate

Here you specify the meaning of the message "Standard cost estimate exists in period X". This message appears when you attempt to manually change the valuation price of a material after a standard cost estimate was released in the corresponding period. In the standard system, this message is an error message. This prevents the standard price of a material from being changed during the period.

For example, if there have been significant price fluctuations for raw materials and externally procured semifinished products, it may be advisable to change the standard price within the period. Before you can change the standard price manually, you must alter the message type so that this is an information message.

You can also specify whether the message should be different online and in the background, and whether the setting applies to all users or only certain users.


The table contains the following entries:

MsgNo User Online Background
155 (blank) E E
155 Smith I E

Standard settings

In the standard system, the message is defined as an error message.


Define the message type.