Define Calculation Bases

In this step you define a calculation base for overhead calculation. The calculation base determines to which cost elements overhead is applied together.

A calculation base defines a group of cost elements for which common overheads are calculated. In each controlling area , you assign individual cost elements or cost element intervals, or origins or origin intervals, to calculation bases.


You have defined the origin groups:


If you do not specify any origins for a cost element interval, the SAP System considers all the origins in the relevant interval.


To define a calculation base, proceed as follows:

1. Choose "New entries" to create a new calculation base.
2. Enter any four-character key you want, and a name for the new calculation base.
3. Select a row and choose "Detail"
4. Enter the individual cost elements or cost element groups.
If you have subdivided your cost elements into origins, you can also specify individual origins or origin intervals.
5. Save your entries.