Maintain Cost Object / Key Figure Assignment

In this step you can assign one or more statistical key figures to the object "cost object". These are then automatically supplied with data if the transfer of statistical key figures is made in the application menu of Cost Object Controlling with intangible goods and services.

With this functionality you can manually carry out the planning and capture of statistical key figures for this object automatically. During planning you can manually overwrite the data transferred from LIS.


The statistical key figure BESTEL was defined and linked to the key figure ABSTP "number of purchase order items".

You must assign the statistical key figure BESTEL to one or more business processes. You can use an existing variant or create a new one. If you want to limit the selection for the key figure, enter selection criteria in the characteristic values of the variant.



1. Assign one or more statistical key figures to the object concerned by specifying the version and the fiscal year.
2. For each statistical key figure you must specify a variant that can limit the selection of the values for the key figure.
If you don't enter anything for the characteristic values of the variant, the system will select all data from the LIS database for that key figure.
3. Save your settings

Notes on Transport

For the transport of settings for Activity-Based Costing, there is a separate function in the Implementation Guide for Controlling General.