Define Update for Results Analysis

In this step you specify, for each line ID , the results analysis cost element under which the work in process, reserves for unrealized costs, and cost of sales are updated, and assign each line ID to a category.

The line IDs split the costs incurred for the results analysis object according to certain groups such as

In the step Define assignment you specify what costs are assigned to the line IDs.

Depending on the valuation method, the system calculates the following for the order:

In the step Define valuation methods you define the results analysis method (such as in proportion to the planned costs or actual costs) with which the calculated amount is apportioned to the line IDs.

The apportioned values are updated on the order under the cost elements that you specify here. For the specified cost elements you may have to do the following:

The category indicates the cost elements under which the different postings are updated on the results analysis object as the cost of complaints and commissions, costs, revenue, and so forth.

How you define the update depends on the results analysis type and possibly the profit indicator.

The category indicates the different postings as costs and revenues.
The category indicates the cost elements in the following way:
For these costs, results analysis creates reserves for costs of complaints.
Results analysis does not create WIP and reserves for these costs. These costs go directly into the cost of sales.
Results analysis creates WIP, reserves for imminent loss, and reserves for unrealized costs for these costs.
For contingency orders, the category indicates the cost elements under which the costs are updated as the costs of complaints and nonrelevant costs.
For WIP calculation according to actual costs, the category indicates the cost elements under which the different postings are updated as debits and credits.
For WIP calculation according to planned costs, the category indicates the cost elements under which the planned costs are updated in the standard cost estimate as relevant and nonrelevant costs:

Note the following dependencies when defining the update rules:

If the "Separate creation/usage" indicator was set in extended control for the results analysis version, the WIP and reserves are updated on the results analysis object under separate cost elements for each line ID depending on whether the WIP or reserves are created or used.
If you apportion the WIP and reserves to the line IDs through apportionmen numbers, you must enter the apportionment numbers here.
If you are using results analysis type L, you can carry out results analysis on the basis of earned values in the PS module. You msut specify the name of the field in the WBS element that contains information on the percentage of completion of the WBS element.

Transfer Prices

If you are using multiple valuation views, the entries for the referenced operational results analysis version are transferred to the referencing results analysis versions of multiple valuations when you save your entries.


Standard Settings

If you use a results analysis version from the standard system, you only have to enter the results analysis cost elements for the data to be calculated.


1. Enter the following:
2. Enter the following data for each line ID:

Additional Information