Product Cost by Sales Order

Here you define the control parameters that affect Product Cost by Sales Order.

In Product Cost by Sales Order, costs are normally collected on sales order items. (See also Sales and Distribution)

This is recommended for highly complex and long-term make-to-order environments.

For each sales order item, you can plan the cost of goods manufactured or the cost of goods sold. The costing results can be used as a basis for pricing in the SD component.

To be able to plan costs for sales orders, you must do the following:

In the requirements class, you also specify whether your sales order stock should be valuated or nonvaluated with the "Valuation" indicator.

Results analysis at the end of the period is only required if you are using a nonvaluated sales order stock.

To carry out results analysis, you must do the following:

The results analysis key controls whether an object is selected for results analysis or WIP calculation. The results analysis key is defined as a separate default value for each requirements class.
The results analysis version determines which of the results analysis versions are relevant to settlement. This is particularly important in multiple valuation.

To be able to settle the results analysis data to Profitability Analysis, you must define a PA transfer structure that assigns the results analysis data to value fields.

To be able to settle the

capitalized costs and the revenue in excess of billings and the reserves to Financial Accounting, you must:

The posting rules assign the results analysis cost elements under which the results analysis data is updated on the order to G/L accounts (such as the finished products inventory or the reserves for unrealized costs (balance sheet) and the inventory change account or the expense account for reserves (P+L)).

To be able to view data in the information system, you must make certain settings in Customizing for the Information System. See also: Information System for Product Cost Controlling).


If the total number of sales order items is 100,000 or more (plus orders), read Note 45290 in OSS. If you have no access to OSS, contact the SAP Hotline.