Maintain standard selection variants for shipment list

In this step, you maintain the selection views which are used in the following functions for selecting shipments:

Shipment -> List -> Transport planning (Transaction VT11)
Shipment -> List -> Transport processing (Transaction VT12)
Shipment -> List -> Free capacity (Transaction VT15)

Also in the F4-Help for shipment number in the following functions:

Shipment -> Create (Transaction VT02)
Shipment -> Display (Transaction VT03)

With these functions, a selection screen appears whose scope can be set using the standard selection variants. In addition, on the selection screen you will find the pushbutton 'All selections,' which displays all existing selection criteria. Only some of these are ready for input, however. Here, you can also set which criteria are ready for input.

To maintain one of the standard selection variants, value the selection criteria in the first screen and set the variant attributes in the second screen. Mark those criteria which are not to appear on the selection screen as 'Invisible'. Those fields which are not ready for input in 'All selections' should be marked as 'Protected'.

To make the variants invisible to other users, mark the option 'Do not show variants' in the header. If you want to protect against overwriting data, mark the option 'Protect variants' (CAUTION: In this case, only you can change these variants!)

User-specific variants can be stored directly in the transportation list (and not in Customizing). Select Goto > Variants > Save as variant in the selection screen. You can choose these variants by selecting Goto > Variants > Get...


1. Maintain selection variants for list transport planning with Transaction 0VT1.
2. Maintain selection variants for list transport processing with Transaction 0VT2.
3. Maintain selection variants for F4-Help for shipment number with Transaction OVT3.