Selection variants for shipment cost list and worklist

In this IMG activity you maintain the standard selection variant for displaying the lists of shipment cost documents for calculation and settlement as well as for displaying the list of shipments as a worklist for creating shipment cost documents or for displaying shipment cost documents as a worklist for further processing.

A selection screen appears for these functions. This is where you can determine the scope of the selection screen using the standard selection variant. The pushbutton 'all selections' also appears on the selection screen. This can be used to display all existing selection criteria. It is possible for only some of these to be available for input. You can also set availability for input here.

Maintaining this standard selection variant consists of evaluating the selection criteria (on the first screen) and setting the variant attributes (on the second screen). You can select the selection criteria that you do not want to appear on the selection screen as 'invisible'. Those fields that must not be available for input even when 'all selections' is pressed must be marked as 'protected'.

To make the variant invisible for other users, you should select the option 'do not display variant' in the header. If you also want to protect it from being overwritten, then you should select 'protect variant' (PLEASE NOTE: In this case only you can change this variant !)

A personal variant that will be created automatically (only for you!) when the transaction is active, can be set directly in the selection screen of the shipment list (and not in Customizing). You can create it under:

Goto > Variants > Save user variants.

This variant is then activated automatically when you next call the transaction. Other users, however, will still see the standard variant defined here (unless they have not created their own user variant too).

In the selection screen for the list of shipment cost documents, you can switch between you own personal user variant and the standard selection variant defined here by choosing:

Goto -> Variants -> Get standard variant


Goto -> Variants -> Get user variant

You can delete your own user variant by selecting:

Goto -> Variants -> Delete user variant

Further variants can also be stored directly in the shipment list. In the selection screen, select:

Goto -> Variants -> Save as variant.

You can then select these variants by selecting:

Goto -> Variants -> Get


1. Maintain the selection variant for the list of shipment cost documents for calculating shipment costs.
2. Maintain the selection variant for the list of shipment cost documents for settling shipment costs.
3. Maintain the selection variants for the list of shipments to be used as a worklist for creating shipment cost documents.