Transportation processing is a central element in the Logistics chain. The functionality allows you to control and monitor the entire shipment.

Transportation processing can be used both for goods receipt and goods issue so that all goods movements can be represented in the system. Incoming shipments are made on the goods receipt side following the goods purchase order and shipping notification; outgoing shipments are made on the sales side following the sales order and delivery creation.

Requirements for carrying out transportation processing:

1. For outgoing shipments, the following requirements must be met for transportation processing:
If the above requirements are met, the transportation planning status in the delivery is set to 'A'.
2. In the case of incoming shipments, the following requirement must be met for transportation processing:

Settings in Customizing

In Customizing, you must take the following settings into account, check them and, if necessary, redefine them:

1. Settings for the actual shipment
2. Settings for general sales and distribution functions
3. Editing texts
Text types and text determination procedures are set up for transportation processing for the text determination.
4. Organizational structure
You must maintain the transportation planning point for the organizational structure.
5. Authorization objects
Two authorization objects exist for transportation processing:
6. Number range object
The number range object RV_TRANSPO has been set up for transportation processing.