Maintain assignment of non-SAP systems to ALE messages

In this IMG activity you can determine which ALE output types can be sent/received to your external transportation planning system. This mapping is necessary to allow further processing of the necessary output in the ALE functions.

You need to maintain output mapping both for the R/3 system and the external transportation planning system. You need to specify outbound output for the R/3 system and inbound output for the planning system.

The following output is sent by R/3 to a planning system (outbound output):

The following output is sent from an external planning system to R/3
(inbound output):


1. Enter the logical name of your R/3 client in the logical system field.
You will find additional information in the chapter on Cross Application Components - Distribution (ALE):
Assign logical system to client
2. Enter the customer distribution model. You can choose the name (e.g. TPS1) which represents a grouping for your output mappings.
3. Add the previously defined outbound output (TPSDLS, TPSLOC, SHIPPL, STATUS).
4. Save your entries.
5. Return to the initial screen and specify the name of your external logical system.
6. You can use the same customer distribution model for the inbox.
7. Add the previously defined inbound output for your R/3 client's logical system (SHIPPL, STATUS).
8. Save your entries.

Additional Information

You can find additional information for mapping ALE output in chapter Cross Application Components - Distribution (ALE):

Maintain customer distribution model directly .