Maintain transport disposition for external system

There is a unique mapping between a transportation planning point and an external transportation planning system, i.e. one planning point is assigned to exactly one planning system (whereas a logical system can be assigned to several transportation planning points).

In this IMG activity, control and communication parameters are set for a transportation planning position in its linked planning system:



1. Enter partner category 'LS' and the name of the logical system of your transportation planning system as the partner number for the transportation planning point.
2. Enter the required external number range.
3. Set whether the shipment can be changed for the externally generated shipment documents. By switching this function off you can ensure that there are no inconsistencies between the shipment documents in the R/3 system and those in your planning system.
4. If you wish to use message control for the communication, enter the message categories to be used by your planning system.
5. You can enter the required status, if you wish to send a message to the planning system at a certain shipment status (e.g. loading begun), to say that this shipment can no longer be re-planned.
6. If you wish to confirm the shipment messages in the planning system, whether they are incorrect or successful, set the required error mode.
7. Enter up to three text IDs for shipping texts which you would like to transmit with the planned deliveries to your planning system (e.g. shipping instructions).
8. Save the settings.