Maintain material cumulation for routes

In order to plan shipments it is not always necessary to know all the details of the material / delivery items that are to be transported. For example, it is often irrelevant to know whether two delivery items are made up of 500 litres of red and 500 litres of green paint and sufficient to know that 1000 litres of paint need to be planned as shipment goods. Similar circumstances exist in the batch handling area where different batches of one material are divided up between several delivery items.

Delivery items can be combined together according to different criteria in order to provide a better overview and to reduce the volume of data to be transmitted.

You can configure the combination (cumulation) for each combination of transportation planning point and route separately in the maintenance transaction. However they can also be configured together for one transportation planning point.

Both cumulation procedures have the following effects:

If both cumulation procedures are activated, the cumulation according to shipment relevant items is executed before the freight code - related cumulation.

In this IMG activity you can maintain the planning restriction with the following resources:


a) Select the transportation planning point to be processed.
b) If you wish to maintain the cumulation for a route, enter the route. If you wish to maintain the cumulation for all the shipments in the transportation planning point, leave the route field blank.
c) If you wish to activate the cumulation according to freight code, enter the required freight code set. If you do not enter a freight code set, the cumulation will be deactivated.
d) If you wish to activate a shipment relevant cumulation, click on the relevant button.