Maintain message control for delivery transfer

This IMG activity allows you to configure output control for transferring the deliveries to be planned to a transportation planning system.

Configuring output control is necessary for delivery documents which have undergone shipment-relevant changes since their first transfer to the planning system. It allows them to be automatically retransferred with the changed data.

Output type 'TPSO' and output procedure 'V10TPS' are available as copy templates in the SAP standard system for connecting external transportation planning systems.


In order to activate output control correctly an output type needs to be assigned to a transportation planning point.



If you only use one transportation planning procedure to which all deliveries should be transferred, you can leave the field for output procedure requirements empty. This means that a delivery is automatically transferred to your planning system immediately after being added. Otherwise you will have to call up transaction VT61 explicity in order to transfer a delivery for the first time.

Further Information

You can find additional information on maintaining output in Sales and distribution - Basic Functions - Output determination:

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