Activate change control for master data

In this IMG activity you can activate the change management for master data. Master data (customer and vendor masters) are automatically earmarked for transmission in activated change control, in case you have already transmitted to an external transportation plannning system with transaction VT60.


Change control means that the changes that need to be transmitted in order to maintain consistent data are automatically earmarked. The changed master data document is however only transmitted once the function 'Analyse change pointers' has been called up (application menu path: Logistics - Central functions - Distribution - Periodic work - Analyse change pointers, transaction BD21). To trigger it off, enter message type 'TPSLOC'.


Master data is only automatically transferred for customer and vendor masters. Transportation connection points, shipping points and plants are not joined to the change interface. This data must be manually transmitted with transaction VT60 in activated change control.


Activate change control for output category 'TPSLOC'.

Save your settings.

Additional Information

You can find additional information on change control in the chapter on Cross-Application Components - Distribution (ALE):

Activate change pointer for message types