Eligibility Group


Ûse Eligibility Groups to categorize employees and define criteria for an eligibility rule. You can use decision trees to define these groups.


Your company has a bonus plan. Employees must be with the company for at least one year to qualify for this bonus plan. However, in your French subsidiary, only managers with the company for at least one year qualify for the bonus plan. Define a bonus plan, define an eligibility rule of "1 year of service", define an eligibility group for the country grouping "France" for the pay grade group "Manager". Your eligibility rule and group are as follows:




Rule A


1 years service

Rule A


1 years service


In this case, the French subsidiary uses the eligibility rule defined by a group. When the system selects employees eligible for bonus plans, it will first check the country grouping. If the country grouping is 06 (France), it checks the eligibility group.


Eligibility groups are determined by decision trees based on an employee’s organizational assignment data.