The Maintain Remuneration Plan Process


This process describes how to create and change remuneration planning data at employee level.

Process Flow

  1. Choose a compensation process and period.
  2. The system selects the plans and the organizational units to processed.
  3. Select the organizational unit for which you are responsible.
  4. Before you maintain the remuneration plan at employee level, you can apply the default values in the compensation plan guidelines, and change the values by a percentage or an amount for each employee.
  5. Select an employee and maintain the employee’s remuneration plan. The system provides additional data, such as the results of the employee’s appraisal, the employee’s organizational and salary data for guidance
  6. Scroll the list of employees, and change or accept the remuneration planning data.
  7. When you have processed all employees in your lists, and are happy with your remuneration plan, save your data. If the data passes all checks, you can submit if for approval.
  8. Repeat this process for all compensation processes, plans and organizational units under your responsibility.

Remuneration Plan Maintenance Functions


If you want to


Change remuneration data for an organizational unit


Check remuneration planning data for consistency


Submit remuneration plans for approval


Approve remuneration plans for subordinate organizational units


Reject remuneration plans


Activate remuneration plans and update employee records



Remuneration planning for the eligible employees under your responsibility is complete.

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