Maintaining a Remuneration Plan

  1. On the Compensation Management screen, choose Compensation ® Administration
    The Administration – Compensation Management screen appears.
  2. Select a planning status.
  3. Choose Administration ® Maintain.
    The Compensation Planning: Initial Access screen appears.
  4. On this screen, enter an organizational unit, a plan period and a process type.
  5. Choose Execute.
  6. On the next screen, select an organizational unit, and choose Choose
    The Compensation Administration : Plans and Employees for <name of compensation process> screen appears. The system lists plans included in the process, and eligible employees.
  7. Select a compensation plan. Choose Apply defaults to apply the default values from the compensation plan guidelines. Choose Change by % to change the values for each employee by a percentage.
    The values are changed.
  8. You can select another compensation plan, apply default values and change values by a percentage. The values are changed.
  9. Select an employee from the list, and choose Details.
    The Compensation Planning for <name of employee> screen appears.
  10. Change the employee’s remuneration plan.
  11. Use the scroll functions to scroll through the list of employees.
  12. Choose Save.

The system updates the individual plan’s values.


Remuneration planning is complete. You can submit your plan for approval.

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