Extended Table Maintenance

Extended Table Maintenance: Overview

Different Modes in Extended Table Maintenance

Displaying Extracts From Tables

Complex Table Maintenance

Starting Extended Table Maintenance

Determining the Type of Transaction

Working in Display Mode

Choose by Content

Choose All Selected Entries

Positioning on a Table Entry

Getting Detailed Information

Navigating Among Table Entries

Navigation in Complex Table Maintenance

Printing Table Entries

Comparing and Adjusting Table Entries

Working in Change Mode

Creating New Entries

Copying Table Entries

Deleting Table Entries

Changing Table Entries

Undoing Changes

Saving Changes

Maintaining Language-Dependent Texts

Time-Dependent Tables

Maintaining Time-Dependent Entries

Creating and Maintaining Addresses

Editing a Transport Request

Including Table Entries in a Transport Request

Removing Table Entries from a Transport Request

Getting an Overview of the Current Transport Request