Extended Table Maintenance: Overview

Extended table maintenance is a transaction which allows you to maintain entries in database tables. Part of the Workbench Organizer, it contains all of the necessary table maintenance operations.

Extended table maintenance stores the changes made to data in tables or views in an internal memory. These changes are only written to the database itself when you explicitly execute the Save command. This allows you to undo any changes you make during your table maintenance session up until you save your data.

The maintenance transaction itself can operate on a single or dual level. If you run the transaction at single level, all fields relevant for the table maintenance are displayed on a single template. At the dual level, an overview screen displays only the most important fields. You can see all of the relevant fields on the associated detail screen.

You can also combine logically related table maintenance screens to form a complex table maintenance dialog. In this case, a navigational aid enables you to find the individual constituent screens.

You can see which type your transaction belongs to in the Determining the Type of Transaction section.