Different Modes in Extended Table Maintenance

According to the nature of the task you wish to undertake, there are various modes of extended table maintenance. These modes offer you functionality suited to the kinds or operation you wish to carry out. The three available modes are as follows:

You can only access these modes if you have the appropriate authorizations in your user profile. Consult your system administrator if necessary.

Display Mode

In display mode you can choose, find, print and mark table entries. Functions with which you change table entries are not available in display mode.

Change Mode

All of the maintenance functions in this transaction are available in change mode. You can delete, change or copy existing entries, as well as creating new entries. You can also use all of the functions which are available in display mode.

Transport mode

In transport mode you can include entries from database tables in transport requests. You can then transport them into other R/3 Systems using the Workbench Organizer.

Before working with transport requests it is strongly recommended that you should already have worked with the Workbench Organizer and understood its basic principles. You can find more information about this subject in the Workbench Organizer documentation.

Changing Between Modes:

From the table maintenance transaction you can change between the various modes:

Desired mode

Menu path

Display mode

Table view ® Change ® Display

Change mode

Table view ® Display ® Change

Transport mode

Table view ® Transport