Complex Table Maintenance

Transactions containing more than one maintenance screen (see "The difference between simple and complex table maintenance" in Determining the Type of Transaction) have a navigation aid in their various maintenance dialogs.

The navigation aid illustrates the relationships between the screens.

Complex table maintenance transactions have a graphical navigation aid. This can be found in a box of its own at the top of the overview screen. If there are more than four entries in the navigation aid, you can reach the other entries using special scrolling functions. If you click on any of the magnifying glasses next to the descriptions in this box, the appropriate navigation step is carried out.

There is no graphical help with navigation in the detail screens. If you wish to navigate to another maintenance screen from a detail screen, select Table view ® Other view.

Whenever the graphical navigation aid is not displayed, you can always choose Table view ® Other view to navigate to the other maintenance screens.

You need to distinguish between the following three types of navigation:

The navigation procedure is described in Navigation in Complex Table Maintenance.