Copying Table Entries

You can use this function to copy table entries within the extended table maintenance transaction, creating new table entries. This is recommended if you are creating new table entries whose contents are identical in most fields. You then only have to modify the relevant fields.

  1. Ensure that you are working in change mode.
  2. Select the table entries you wish to copy.
  3. Choose Edit ® Copy as...
  4. Maintain the table fields by entering the correct values in the fields which need to be changed.
  5. Choose ENTER .
  6. If you have copied a block, you will move on to the next entry. If you have only copied one element, or have reached the end of the block, you will see an overview of all of the newly added table entries.

  7. Choose Back to return to change mode.

Your copied entries are not written to the database in this operation. This only happens once you explicitly save your data.