Maintaining Language-Dependent Texts

Extended table maintenance allows you to maintain texts simultaneously in the logon language and any number of other languages supported by the R/3 System.

Choose Languages

  1. Choose Utilities ® Choose languages.
  2. Position the cursor on a desired language and choose the Select function.
  3. Choose further languages as required.
  4. Choose Continue.

The languages in which you want to maintain the texts are now selected.

The logon language is always selected automatically. You do not need to select it along with the other languages.


  1. Select the table entries which you want to maintain in the chosen languages.
  2. Choose Edit ® Translation.
  3. If you choose this function without first having selected languages for translation, you are prompted to do so now in a dialog box. The procedure is described above in "Choose languages", points 2-4.

  4. Maintain the texts in the selected languages in the dialog box.
  5. Choose Continue.

The texts are now maintained in your chosen languages.

The texts are not written to the database in this procedure. This only happens when you explicitly save your data.