Maintaining Time-Dependent Entries

Expanding Time-Dependent Entries

Time-dependent table entries are usually only displayed with their currently-valid time period. However, you can display any other existing time periods for the entry.

  1. Select the table entry for which you wish to display the time intervals.
  2. Choose Edit ® Expand. « Collapse.

All of the time intervals for the selected table entry are now displayed.

Collapsing Time-Dependent Entries

If you have expanded all of the time intervals for any entries in a time -dependent table and now want to collapse them again, do the following:

  1. Select one line of the table entry you wish to collapse
  2. Choose Edit ® Expand. « Collapse.

All time intervals apart from the one which is currently valid are hidden.

Deleting Intervals For Time-Dependent Entries

  1. Expand the time-dependent table entries.
  2. Select the interval you wish to delete.
  3. Delete the selected entry.

Adding Intervals for Time-Dependent Entries

  1. Select the entry for which you wish to add a new interval.
  2. Choose the Limit function.
  3. Enter the interval limits.
  4. Depending on the subject of the data, you may be asked either for the start date or the end date of the interval.

  5. Maintain all relevant table fields for the new interval.
  6. Choose ENTER to confirm the entry.
  7. Choose Back to return to the table overview.